Portable Solar Panel "Nomad" (7W) - Charger Smartphone / Tablets etc. (USB)

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Portable Solar Panel "Nomad" (7W)

The Solar Panel Nomad 7 W can charge your phones, cameras, tablets, GPS, headlamps etc. with the power of the sun.

Most :

Easy to use.
Quality and robustness.
Light and fine.
Backpack fasteners.

It is a light charger (455g) and compact (48 x 18 cm open). It is compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, all tablets (Nexus 7 included) and any other device charging via USB cable.

It can provide a fast charge for most smartphones and a slightly slower charge for tablets. PowerIQ technology automatically adjusts the amperage to fit your device and recharge it as quickly as possible.

The "Nomad" is robust and enduring. It features Monocrystalline panels and is sewn in a sturdy polyester fabric. It offers better weather resistance for outdoor use.

Its 2 elastic loops allow it to hang easily on a backpack, a tree or a tent.

With a good sunshine, this solar charger can still charge almost as fast as with a USB charger.

Because of its small surface, it is advisable to orient it regularly towards the sun by positioning it perpendicular to the solar rays and not flat on the ground.

Connectivity: USB

Cell type: Monocrystalline

Size: 485mm * 183mm * 5mm

Capacity: 7 W

Weight: 455 g 

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